Think first

Our capabilities:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Assembly and test

Our products past, present and future:

  • RadAlert - 10GHz through wall alarm system
  • RadCam - The very first combined camera/IR/Radar/Audio covert camera system
  • MOLTOS - Mobile Link Telemetry Outstation, controlling various sensors
  • InfraWave - Spacial and volumetric sensor system
  • PPP - Perimeter/Property/Persona Protection Portable radar based security system
  • AVID - Hand held through wall radar in the 90s!
  • LSMS - The original LifeSignsMonitoringSystem
  • COMS - The first PC based LSMS, monitoring both Occupant and Occupancy
  • COMS24 _ The latest 24GHz version with no requirement for EMI screening
  • TMD - Tomographic Motion Detection with Xandem
  • Optical sensors - WiseEye & WiseShield with Emza
  • IMS - Intelligent Magnotometer Sensor with VA
  • MTS - Micro Thermal Sensor for target location and counting in an enclosed space
  • IAPS - Intelligent Air Pressure Sensor
  • Speed measurement - of just about anything with PocketRadar
  • Bespoke PCs


Our customers:

  • Police Forces, public sector organisations and any other providers of safe and secure environments
  • Or you may want to trigger cameras for nature photography!


Our partners:

  • R&D - RGC, Deltronic,  Vector Analytic Ltd, White Horse Radar Ltd
  • PCB manufacture & assembly - OnTimeCommunications Ltd, Trizo Ltd
  • Radar – InnoSenT, NanoPulse, PocketRadar, RfBeam & more to come
  • IT - Exacta Ltd




COSATT Updates

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